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    Wayfair Affiliate ?
    Whats up with Wayfair have they gone nutts?

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    is anyone making money with Wayfair or this program is dead? I send so much traffic ,, no conversions

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    Wayfair is a sad, sad story - a little current insight here.
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    is anyone else having issues with Wayfair datafeeds since last 2-3 days. They are not sending all their products in feed anymore?

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    I sent an application to be included in their program. I wrote up a nice letter explaining how I would promote their products, links to my websites, examples of promotion methods etc.

    I thought I done a good job and any half decent affiliate manager (if they still exist?) would at least acknowledge my letter and the time I spent to write it up. Even if they would not accept me I would have at least expected some sort of response.

    NO, not even a blink or a simple reply to say No they are not interested. Just total arrogance and completely ignored my email.

    I also sent a copy to ShareASale asking for them to support my application but they wanted nothing to do with it which was also sad to see.

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    I don't think you can blame SAS for Wayfair being badly managed.... it's not like they are network managed or anything as ShareASale doesn't provide that kind of service, but rather just provides the technology platform. Let the market do it's work here and look to competitors that are better managed. Well run programs are definitely out there.
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