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    Ideas for targeting Boomer population?
    Hi everyone - I was wondering if anyone had some "outside the box" ideas on how to target the Baby Boomer population. As a merchant I am currently experimenting with a ton of different advertising outlets that provide targeting options to reach this audience. Some examples are magazine ads, baby boomer and travel websites (banner ads), radio, facebook ads (same targeting), and more. We've even gone so far as to reach out to various senior communities around the country to see if they offer sponsorship opportunities (which surprisingly most of the ones we've talked to do not).

    So I was just curious if any of you have had success in marketing to this generation using options I maybe haven't thought of yet. Would love to hear your ideas if you can spare the time. Thanks so much! -Joe

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    Perhaps you can run contests, and offer something of value to your niche. As more and more people will participate in the contest, the news of your product will spread.

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    Joe.... BabyBoomers have grandchildren... Grandchildren are magnets.... give you any ideas? Not going to say more, that's my space as well.


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    Thank you both for your suggestions. Lindy - yes I totally see your point and have actually been pursuing that route for the duration of 2014 with mixed results. So for 2015 I'm re-targeting a bit and plan to focus a little more on the Boomer population...but will still continue looking towards the "Millenials" as well. -Joe

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