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    CJ Datafeed Subscription UI - (Sucks)
    So CJ went through that horrendous UI redesign last year that killed features and functionality, right? Well, they really messed up with datafeed subscription UI and I'm surprised they haven't fixed it yet?

    So, before the horrendous redesign, their datafeed UI was the most intuitive of all the networks because they used a two pane design. Unsubscribed feeds in the left pane, subscribed feeds on the right. This allowed you to examine the state of your feed subscriptions for things like, "Oh, I'm already subscribed to the extended catalog with size information, I don't need to subscribe to the other catalog".

    CJ should have kept that UI and added the ability to filter the LHS or the RHS based on a keyphrase you type in. That would have made a great UI even better.

    BUT NO!!!!! They had to get rid of one of the panes and replace it with a dropdown list that you lose your place in every time you select an item! I've got over 150 items in my drop down. Items that will never be added to my subscription. The overall quality of my datafeed subscription continually degrades as I mistakenly double add feed files. I spend way too much time scrolling through the list of available feeds. Add one, lose my place, scroll again.

    The fundamental problem with the UI is that it did not take into account that merchants have many feed flavors and they change them without notifying publishers. So each day is a new surprise/puzzle to work out. This was the overwhelming theme with the CJ redesign. A new UI from someone who did not understand how affiliate marketing on CJ works.

    CJ, please fix the datafeed subscription window! Two panes with search filters on each side and arrows to move items between the two panes.
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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