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    Financial Niche what about forex?

    I am working as an affiliate manager for a forex company. I notice that most of you are not working with some existing program. I won't make any advertisement here of course. but in order to understand what slowdown this market I need to understand if there is a specific reason for it. forex is very restricted market in USA but not at all in rest of the world.
    is any of you have tried?
    is any of you have bad experience?


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    Hey there ABWers,

    I have been in the FOREX industry for quite some time. I would love to connect with you and possibly chat about your existing program. Over the years I find that US clients are looking for for sustainability and consistency, especially being in a tight restricted environment. Compared to NON US clients that have the ability to pretty much invest small amounts of money and hedge, scalp, and make large quantities of money with very little.

    I would love to share my response and feedback with you regarding this topic.

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    If you want to make money in Forex trading, don't try and predict! Simply trade the reality of price action as you see it on a chart and when doing this, there is no better methodology than trading breakouts through important highs or lows.
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