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    Confusion regarding stats
    Getting late in the day (am up at 5:30 so altho not late in day for most of you, for my tired lil brain this time of day it's getting close to being late) Have a feeling I must be missing something here but thoroughly confused how this program can have these stats.

    Not being critical of the program or anybody, just trying to understand. Program had caught my eye few years back but if I recall at the time they didn't have any individual product links and didn't respond to an email regarding it so forgot about them. Going thru looking at all the jewelry merchants and came across this program. In the stats it says:

    HTML Code:
    EPC	Reversal	Ave. Sale	Ave. Comm
    7 Day 	$0.00 	N/A 	$45.00 	$0.00
    30 Day 	$0.00 	N/A 	$125.13 	$0.00
    Always forget how to copy and paste something in here without it becoming Giant so gonna close my eyes and open them slowly in hopes it turned out ok If not......Trust, where are you when I need you

    Question is - how can both the 7 day and 30 day have an amount for the average sale but there be no commission or no reversal?

    They only list now about 288 products in their datafeed altho they list around 60 different designers on their site. That seems a bit strange since you'd think there should be a whole lot more. Since most designer products are usually priced a lot higher...that brings me back to the stats since I would think they should be higher given so many designer stuff on their site. (some really, really high priced stuff)

    As I said, had wanted to place some of their individual products on my site originally and would like to attempt to do so (altho with only 288 products not sure what will be available) trying very hard to understand how these stats could be that way, if possibly is just something I don't understand.

    Thank you to anyone in advance

    Also, is there a limit on how many products could be in a datafeed? Would it possibly cost a merchant more to list more?
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    Wondering if there are non-commissionable items in feed so sale registers but there's no commission? Yes, confusing.
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    Renee', that was my thought. Tough to figure out what else it could be.
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    Ok, did a lil more investigating at SAS. Lists their commission structure as 10% for the program. Down below on the page it has:
    HTML Code:
    Full Commission Structure
    Default Rates:
    Sale Commission 10%
    Lead Commission: $0
    Global Commission Rules
    Priority	Commission Action	Stop Processing
    More Rules	Conditions
    1	Set to percentage 0	No
    Uhh, in the past I've clicked default and there was nothing there so I stopped checking. To be honest, I don't understand the messages sent regarding commission changes, so haven't paid much attention to them. When I've gotten them they've been from programs I've trusted so have figured wasn't anything bad. (well, lowered commissions but nothing shady)

    Uh, that said.....don't understand what the Priority 1 - set to percentage 0 means? I woulda assumed I have a feelin wrongly it referred to the Lead Commission? If there's sale amount tho that should have a commission, correct?

    If products are being excluded, shouldn't they have them listed? Maybe, is just me. Am used to seeing a very long list in those cases like the big merchants having different commissions for different products.

    Products excluded would definitely explain low number of products in datafeed tho since appears majority of products are designer products with very high prices.

    Newsletters only go back to 1/28/2013 but in them they refer to the designer names.

    Have a feeling my original thoughts were correct on this one unfortunately and something definitely isn't right.

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    Are they on multiple networks?

    If they are, and have not properly placed the tracking in their cart, SAS will set their commission rate to ZERO.

    Not knowing who this merchant is, it's difficult to speculate further...
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    Have to do other things so don't really have the time to spend on this but did take a lil more of a look. Guess since am not suggesting anything bad is going on, just confusing will say who they are. TenGems.

    Looked at their newsletters again and they address them as SweepStreet affiliates. Last newsletter as I said was Jan. 2013. (newsletter at SAS) Since, oops getting ahead of myself.

    Far as I can tell they only have the one program, least that's all they mention on their site. Did learn now that 6/20/2013 SweepStreet relaunched as TenGems.

    Went back and searched my emails and only got one from SAS for SweepStreet telling me I was approved. I wrote to them thru SAS about their product images not showing since was gonna use them. Never got any response so forgot about them.

    So, there could be a problem possibly from when the site rebranded?

    Dummy question - if tracking is messed up tho umm how would the sale track the amount of the sale? If it tracks it wouldn't it be tracking the info regarding the affiliate as well?

    "If they are, and have not properly placed the tracking in their cart, SAS will set their commission rate to ZERO."

    In their info about the site it says commission as the 10%, are you saying the explanation for the part I posted would be them changing it to 0?
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    The 'Zero Percent' possibility I posted does NOT seem to be what is going on here.

    It appears, to me, that it is their 'rule' they display. "Set to percentage 0".

    Can't say if it's intentional on the part of the merchant or an accident. Those 'rules' can be confusing to set up for some merchants.

    I think a ticket to SAS or perhaps Brian can chime in and lend a hand.

    Either way, right now, no will will get a commission on a sale - by how I'm reading their 'Global Commission Rules '...
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    FWIW, emailed merchant with link to this thread...
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    Purple, after checking into their program details...

    My first guess is also that the sales were from "non commissionable items". But agree that if they do have non-commissionable items, they should listed them on their program terms.

    My second guess is that the sales were from "Global Commission Rules" which is set to "percentage 0" according to their commission structure. But there is no where on their terms explain what "Global Commission Rules" are. Does it mean there is 0 commission for the global sales or 0 commission for the global affiliates?

    My third guess is that the sales were from coupon sites which some merchants may set their commission to 0. But usually the merchants doing this will state the special terms on their program description that they don't accept coupon sites or else.

    (BTW, I'm totally with you on the confusion of the email messages regarding SAS merchants commission changes. Mr. Sal had raised the question on another thread years ago I still don't understand why they won't send out straight commission change messages like every other networks do. That's another story...)
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