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    Need to Keep Feeds Up-To-Date
    Merchants, PLEASE keep your feeds up-to-date!

    Last night I finished a total update of a large section of one of my sites that includes three Popshops shops featuring products from three different merchants, many of which are from Target. Many of those Target products featured sales prices.

    This morning I was about to start some promotion of this section on social media, but as I was about to do so, I saw that the Target sale had ended, and higher prices were back. I then checked the PS feed and my shops, and saw that the feed was NOT updated and almost all of the Target product now show incorrect prices that are much lower than the available prices for these items.

    Target and other merchants - you have to have in place a system to update your feeds when prices change like this!

    It is your affiliates who get angry customers leaving in disgust and who send angry emails when they see that the prices we offer are not available, and that the products will cost them more than WE advertise.

    Also, you must keep you images alive - one of my major merchants whose big season is now beginning has had NO images in their feed for a couple of weeks now.

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