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    Smile How do I recruit affiliates as a merchant to push my site for sales? Newbie question
    Hi Guys,

    Looking for some expert knowledge. I am looking to recruit affiliates to push my website to increase sales. I am currently with an affiliate network but feel the need to try and get people to sign up for my program independently and push this as much as possible.

    Im trying to find the best places to get affiliates easily. Are there lists or special sites to approach these people.

    Can anyone help with some in depth advice. Apologies if you have heard this question 100 times before...

    thanks in advance
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    Hello Bazzotazzzo and welcome to ABW. Since this was your first post, I had to take out things which could refer to your company, as the first post should be an introduction rather than a question.

    That said, I'll give you my thoughts here. There's no easy list to recruit affiliates. You will have to do the work to find the ones through using any recruitment tools in your network interface, or by searching online and recruiting that way. There are indeed other articles about recruitment. Try doing some searches. We can also ask Phil to approve you for the Affiliate Manager sub-forum.

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    What network are you in?
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