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    July 2nd, 2007
    Affiliate program will be closed down, effective immediately.

    Mountains Plus affiliate program is closing.
    TinyTrekker affiliate program is closing.
    Panther Martin affiliate program is closing.

    Sure would be nice to have a advance notice to these.
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    I have seen more closings in the past week than in the past 6 months at least. Not all on AvantLink. A few actually have given enough notice not to be quite so damaging.

    What's worse than closing? Closing but then changing their mind after all the links are removed.

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    I also had a few of these the last few weeks as well, and the links are dead even before the email is sent. In my case they were Linkshare merchants.

    But I seeing a lot of merchants shutdown their affiliate program and a lot of their websites go off line all together.
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    I have lost 4 merchants (not on Avantlink) since Christmas and one other who has completely shut down the data feed and are flooding my mail box with banners which all link back to the same landing page regardless of what the banner is promoting.
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    Yup! Sure have been a lot of programs closing on a lot of networks.
    Think the only one I haven't / or don't recall any on is SAS.
    But maybe it's just that I'm not a member of any that have closed on SAS.
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    Think this is telling of what the real holiday shopping story was - Many merchants rely on holiday sales to show a profit for the entire year. Suspect many did not. Just closing up shop, decreasing costs, etc.

    If we were radio ad publishers, or TV ad publishers, or those old paper things we got in the morning type ad publishers - we would all feel it as well - much like 'Phone Book' advertising - practically non-existent...
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    What's a "Phone Book?"

    More seriously, your assessment likely sums it up quite well.
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