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    Data for Forecasting
    As a new merchant with ShareaSale, can anyone give me industry statistics affiliate programs (are there any)?

    I know that quality affiliates are key.

    However, how many affiliates should a merchant have? (is there a number that we should target to forecast the year. Our of ___ affiliates, ___ will be active, and of that number, ___ will produce?)

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    Hi Kathy. I can't necessarily give you statistics off the top of my head, but I agree it's about quality. The numbers will change depending on how active you are managing the affiliate program, i.e. getting inactive affiliates active by guiding them, providing content and giving them greater incentives. Of course you can't do this with every affiliate - Just focus on the one's with potential. Hope that helps!

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    Other merchants' stats are irrelevant to your situation.

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    Check the ShareASale Wiki for my answer.

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