Tedís has always been first to bring new technology to the Australian market. Back in the 1970ís we introduced Australia to the first SLR with a built-in light meter. In the 1980ís we introduced the country to the first video cameras and in 1994 we were the first to bring you the digital camera.

Today weíre introducing the new 4/3rds format compact SLR style cameras that are destined to revolutionise picture taking. When you buy a camera from Tedís, you can be sure youíre choosing from a range that includes the latest and greatest the world has to offer.

The Ted's Cameras Affiliate Program:

  • Well known offline and online retailer with over 20 stores nationally
  • 2.4% commission per sale
  • Extremely High AOV (around $450!)
  • 30 day tracking period
  • Full product feed available
  • Restrictions apply on coupon sites
  • Open to custom marketing collaborations
  • Open to all promotional methods (except coupon sites)

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