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    Not able to add product catalogs to datafeed subscription
    When trying to add a product catalog to one of my datafeed subscriptions (Account > Subscriptions) and clicking save I'm getting the message "An error has occurred" without any further explanation.

    Can this be fixed ASAP?!

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    CJ is jacked, again...

    Note: CJ is experiencing delays in processing the action, extension, and correction files submitted by our merchants via CJ Import Subscriptions. In an effort to minimize possible delays in calculating eligible affiliate payouts this month, CJ will delay the locking and closing process of the monthly payout in order to allow all of these files to process fully.

    CJ expects this delay to be no more than 48 hours. This may cause some delays to transaction reporting, but should not affect timing of final disbursement of the monthly affiliate payout. Thanks for your patience.
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    Stev, cj's datafeeds has been screwed up in one degree or the other for the last 38 hours. I do believe its unrelated to what convergence said as they are different systems

    I noticed the problem yesterday when I subscribed to a new datafeed. It didn't generate the error that yours did but it did act strangely. When I looked, I noticed that I hadn't received a datafeed from cj since 4 am 2/9/15. Since they I have only received one datafeed as part of the usual datafeed ftping.
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    Indeed again. Thanks for posting that message, Convergence. I missed it in the CJ dashboard (not used to look there). Not sure though if it's related to what I experience as I logged a support ticket 1 week ago on 02/03 when I started to have problems.

    It took the CJ support guy 7 (!) days to come with the message.... I have confirmed that this is currently a bug in the system that has yet to be resolved. No estimation at this time, as to when the bug will be resolved.
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    apparently that bug is still there, this from yesterday "There is a bug within the CJ system where product exports aren’t coming through for some advertisers and publishers" - mine haven't updated since Feb 7. there must be a whole nest of bugs running rampant....

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