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    Shouldn't someone notify the affiliate when the AM is being changed?
    Don't you think it would be nice if the affiliates got an email from either the out going or new coming affiliate manager (or both) letting us know of the change. It's not unheard of to get such of an email but it is rare and even rarer still from the out going affiliate manager.
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    Just went through this as the Affiliate Manager (OPM) for a long term client. I asked permission first of the merchant then sent an email to both programs (two networks) stating that a new agency would be taking over management of the program. They had my contact info and I have responded to anyone confused about the transition also relaying any requests to the new agency/AM.

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    It seems that with OPMs, some kind of notice is usually given, but rarely with in-house affiliate managers, unless the incoming am is experienced and knows the benefits of such an announcement. People new to the job don't usually know that yet, and the outgoing one may not have the opportunity (or desire).

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    Unfortunately this applies to business outside of Affiliate networks as well. Happened to me a lot. I'd be working as a consultant for a company and often grew very close with my direct reports. We'd build rapport and have conversations that went beyond business. And then out of no where, I find out that person moved on and that I have a new contact person. People say that's "just business". But I think it's bad business. -Joe

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