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    Pinterest Bans All Affiliate Links

    It's disappointing that they weren't able to handle spam in another way, but instead ban all affiliate links in a broad stroke. Pinterest's interest in monetizing their platform has certainly been messy over the last couple of years and this doesn't really help them out.
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    All social media should require that you click through to a website and moderate affiliate links. Keeps things more honest.

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    I read about this over the weekend. It is pretty interesting that this is how Pinterest decided to go about removing SPAM. I am interested to see what they have planned.

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    Never posted them there anyway, it's always to my site.

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    Maybe it's not so much a spam issue as that the time has come for them to generate some revenue with their platform and affiliate links don't help them do that. Unless they were to work out "pay to play" deals with affiliates where they could post their affiliate links for a monthly fee, or if they worked out deals with the networks to allow their links to be posted at the exclusion of others, there's no interest for any social media platform operator, or search platform to continue to freely allow affiliates to use their platforms as a cash machine.

    This isn't anywhere near the first time something like this has happened, even with Pinterest. See MySpace, Google Panda and Penguin, Facebook Edge Rank, etc.

    Depending completely on a third party platform (especially free ones) for either all of your traffic, or as your primary affiliate link delivery tool is asking to have your business pulled out from under you at some point. It's always a temporary situation and your business is always at risk.

    Always look at social media platforms as an extension of your brand that you're building based on a site you own and control and diversify like crazy. Don't forget about the old school stuff like building opt-in email lists and generating live content that you own and control that can't be taken away from you when a for profit, third party platform decides to change it's rules.
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    I don't think it's because of spam rather I think it's more on revenue.

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