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    Setting up my own niche affliate program - newbie conceptual questions..
    I have identified a very niche market, approx 25 dedicated business globablly (and thousands of non-dedicated businesses globally, but not of such relevance), which I would like to create an affiliate program for. As a consumer with a problem to solve, I had to search the web extensively to find these businesses, for an essential product that would be purchsed by affected people, several times per year, perpetually.

    I would like to service the business owners by driving more traffic to their websites (I have seen several well developed and not so well developed businesses fail over the years) and to service the consumers, by providing a directory, exclusive discounts and competition products from these businesses, rich content and several other benefits, for a small annual membership fee.

    What is the best income generating model from the businesses; pay per purchase / pay per click / pay for ads / pay for membership to my program / pay for every promotion / sell customer data?

    I appreciate these are broad questions, so thank you in advance for the opportunity to discuss.

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    Hello MelQ, welcome to ABW. Based on what you've shared, it would be very difficult to say which is the best model for this program. Do these companies already have businesses where you can purchase this product? Do you have any sense of their conversion rate? Their margin? Will you add enough value to justify a membership fee to your site? Are you confident that you can generate enough traffic to warrant a decent rate for ad space?

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    Just a thought..... I would probably start by creating a website of "value added" for those who might need the product(s)..... create dialogue... following... expand to other social media formats.... Then pitch your "community" to the merchants and offer ad space.

    Even if they "think" they are getting all the traffic they currently need... if you can be the lead "influencer" / "authority" in the space.. it could well pay off long term.

    my $.02

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