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    December 4, 2002
    Bonzi Hit With Deceptive-Ad Complaint
    By Brian Morrissey
    Bonzi Software, one of the most prolific banner advertisers on the Internet, has been hit with a lawsuit alleging the company has engaged in a "diabolical scheme" of deceptive advertising.

    The suit was filed in Washington State Superior Court on behalf of "all persons residing in the United States who have, while operating a computer, encountered an advertising banner" placed by Bonzi. Philip Carstens, a Spokane, Wash. resident and Internet user, is named as the plaintiff and representative of the class. The firm working with the plaintiff, Lukins & Annis, said it plans to file a motion seeking class action status early next year.

    The suit alleges Bonzi's advertising banners -- which mimic dialog boxes that feature "message alert," security alert," or "warning" -- trick Internet users into clicking through to Bonzi's site, where it sells software. Philip. The suit asks for Bonzi to pay $500 for each Internet user who has encountered one of the ads and $5 per impression served. Besides naming Bonzi as a defendant, it also names Bonzi's chief executive officer and chief financial officer.

    Lukins & Annis, the Spokane, Wash., law firm filing the suit, estimates Bonzi has served more than 300 million impressions of these banners.

    "The Internet has unfortunately become a cornucopia for deceptive business practices," said Darrell Scott, the Lukins lawyer handling the complaint. "Deceptive practices that would quickly put a local corner businessman out of business have unfortunately become routine and profitable tools of the trade when business is conducted over the Internet."

    A representative for San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based Bonzi Software said he was unaware of the lawsuit.

    The suit alleges Bonzi's advertising methods are part of a "conspiratorial enterprise" that tricks Internet users into visiting its Web site,, which functions as a portal and a promotional vehicle for its software products. Bonzi sells a number of software products, including a voice e-mail program and BonziBUDDY, a purple gorilla that accompanies users around the Net and suggests sites to visit.

    The class action centers on the appearance and text of Bonzi's advertisements. According to Lukins, the ads are intentionally similar to system warnings issued by Windows, in shape, color and layout.

    The result of these ad efforts, the suit alleges, is to rank as the third highest-trafficked software site on the Internet.

    In addition to monetary damages, the suit asks for an injunction against Bonzi issuing banners ads that appear as system warnings.

    The allegations of deceptive advertising practices follow on the many legal troubles faced by another software maker, Gator, which is under fire from publishers who claim that Gator deceives users into downloading its ad-serving OfferCompanion software. Gator has responded that its users know they are downloading ad-supported software.

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    If it's recognized by Ad-Aware.. it is a scumbag. The damn mascots of the internet theftware/spyware group eat browsers for lunch. I'd love to see the Golden Retriever point to the Gator wrestling with the Purple Gorilla.

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