I'm in the process of writing a guide to tell users how to build their passive income with referral traffic. I'd love to include 30 ideas, and I'm at 15.

So I need a quick favor from you. But there's a chance for some referral commissions to come your way.

At Prosperent, we have an amazing referral program. When you refer a user, you receive 5% of the commission. Not 5% of their commission, but 5% of the total of their commission. FOR LIFE. We have several users that have spent time building up just their referrals and earn a substantial income without having to do a lot.

The ebook is going to include ALL their secrets (don't worry, it's getting shared in ways we won't be pitting users against each other) and teach Prosperent users to aggressively pursue that elusive passive income goal.

We'd love to hear your ideas! If you were to refer someone to Prosperent, where and how would you do that? Your tip can be as simple as creating a review post (properly disclosed of course) or a video tutorial.

Send me (either right here or via PM) your ideas for gaining Prosperent referral traffic.

Here's how this will turn into passive income for you: Each idea will include a call to action to go sign up for Prosperent and start referring. If I haven't already included your idea, and I end up using it in the guide, I will use your referral link when I link back to Prosperent.

This guide will become an ebook that will receive wide distribution. If your referral link is the one that gets clicked, you will earn 5% of that individual's commissions, for LIFE.

I know we have some extremely creative individuals in this group that will have unique ideas I have not come up with. I'm looking forward to hearing how you all would refer users!

(Don't forget, we've just opened up the mentor program, so if you are someone who is focusing on referrals and you want to have a sub-forum where you can train your referrals to earn more, we'd love to have you as a mentor. Just PM me if you're interested!)

Thank you!