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Thread: New infographic: Making Affiliate Marketing Easier for Publishers

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    New infographic: Making Affiliate Marketing Easier for Publishers
    Our publishers made $200m in commission in 2014 by choosing to monetize their website with Affiliate Window.

    We’ve created an infographic to highlight the range of solutions and metrics we offer, designed to make affiliate marketing easier for our publishers.

    Download the infographic here.

    My AW, our Chrome browser extension, allows bloggers to generate custom URLs, join new programs, find discount codes, share links through social networks and much more right from an advertiser’s website. Get it from the Chrome store here.

    Convert-a-link is the quickest and easiest way to monetize your content. Convert-a-link switches normal brand and product links on your website into affiliate links with little effort. Get started here.

    Our dedicated publisher portal keeps bloggers updated on program launches, network news, and the latest promotions, offers and incentives. Visit TheHub frequently.

    Our directory of advertiser discount codes and allows you to discover the right promotions to drive traffic and increase conversions. The feed contains an up-to-date list of all discount codes from a variety of advertisers delivered to you via a CSV. Try it now by clicking on Discounts Codes under the Links & Tools tab!

    Become a publisher - register today!
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    I'm pretty proud of the tools we offer to affiliates!

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