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    Best way to advertise without using a blog/website?
    What's the best way to advertise/promote a link without using a blog/website?
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    Why do you not want to use a blog or website??
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    without those two, you're options are limited. social media; email; word of mouth; paid ads are the main alternatives that come to mind. -Joe

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    Getting accepted to many programs without a blog or website is going to be tough. You should really be looking to build something that you own and control because more and more of the social platforms (Pinterest, FB) are starting to squeeze out affiliate linking without paid placement.
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    You can always direct link from a paid traffic source. PPV, Facebook Ads, Adwords (maybe!). Of course, you'll have a lot less flexibility this way.

    You can also utilize websites like YouTube to get free traffic to your affiliate links. It really depends on your niche and what offers you're looking to promote.

    Even with these opportunities, I would still highly recommend creating a website so that you can test different promotional strategies.

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    You have a less Options To Promote.. Use Paid Ads, Bing Ads (Link), Use Social Media

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    Yes, Wade is correct, website is required by most affiliate programs. If you don't want to make one, you can also register a free blog for affiliate program registration. Some vendors have affiliate landing pages which you can directly promote them via newsletter, social media, PPC campaign, display advertisement, etc.

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