I come from the JV world, typically partnering large companies in aligning user bases for cross-promotion. So I'm relatively ignorant to the software back-end/tracking of typical affiliate programs but I understand the basics of it. I have 2 questions that seem impossible to clearly answer despite a ton of Google work and searching this and other forums like WF etc.

Here's the hypothetical situation:
Assume I have a friend who owns Sally's Bakery. She has an email list of 2500 females age 25-35 and love cooking. Commission Junction has a multitude of non-competing products that convert very well with Sally's demographic. Let's assume one is CookingMart.com. I want to hand my friend at Sally's Bakery a done-for-you program with the links/banners etc (since she's not tech savvy). She installs them on her email newsletter and sends them out in her normal periodic mailings. All of her women get the email, click on the link and land directly on the sales/product pages of CookingMart.com and buy (never landing on any site of mine or even knowing I exist in the transaction). I am paid the full commission on the sale as the "master affiliate" for lack of a better term. Then I can run periodic reporting and pay my friend at Sally's her share. And again, it's important that the client doesn't have to "land" on my website or anything in that transition from their clicking the affiliate link in an email to landing on the sales page of the company selling product. They get the email, click the link, land on the sales page and buy. I am commissioned from CJ on all the sales, but have tracking to know that Sally's was where the sale originated (in case I have 2 or 3 other small bakery list owners promoting the same thing).

So in essence, I'd be like a JV Broker? With a network of owners of small lists, pushing affiliate offers in their newsletters and getting paid from the merchants whose physical products we are selling. From that gross commission from CJ or even the merchant directly, I'd need to split that out to each list owner and pay them and provide reporting.

1) Is there a software that would accomplish this? (I have tried to call those like Offerit, iDev, OmniStar, etc) and it's virtually impossible to speak to someone. The one other company I have talked to almost doesn't even get it. It's like they just fall into the same aff model speak: "oh, you mean you want to recruit affiliates, have them sell your product, and then have reporting to pay them?" NO, that's not what I need. I am not selling product!

2) Is this considered like a 2-tier system and subject to MLM issues? is it even allowed by CJ?

I understand this may be viewed as elementary to some or obvious.....but again, I'm not from the affiliate model. I happen to have access to a multitude of strong list owners who have their lists for promotion of their brand and aren't at all monetizing them. This would be a super solution to allow them to create add'l revenue streams and sell a LOT of product and I could take a small cut for putting the pieces all in place.
Thanks in advance for any input or advice. Apologize for the length......