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    Affiliate west las vegas conference | boom!
    This is a blog post by a friend I talked into attending Affiliate Summit for the first time. Thought members would get a kick out of it:

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    Nice post - enjoyed her do's and don'ts. Just want her to know that some of us love bloggers regardless of size - it's their reader's loyalty that counts more to me.

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    I'm with JCrooks, I like working with bloggers with engaged audiences - can't say that size of the following doesn't matter, but if someone is doing it right, is passionate about what they are doing and is committed to doing the right things to take their blogging and promotion of our offer to the next level, we're happy to talk with them. All the guys that are big now were small once.
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    I like this article. Great tips for a new affiliate manager like me. And the "meat market" sounds fun ... I especially agree with JCrooks and AffiliateWarrior: it's not the amount of leads that could be gained from a blogger, but the quality of the leads.

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