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    So i'm pretty lucky right now as I work within a company to get traffic pushed to their website.

    I can use and ask for any resources I need!

    So If I need to direct traffic to an 'Apply Now' page, let me guess what I will need, if i'm talking about the wrong thing, let me know!

    - I need a copy of that 'Apply Now' page however it still needs to be linked with the main website.
    - a blog to link to it
    - To keep on top of content within that page
    - banner designs and buttons

    What else would I need?

    I'm really not in this for the money, I just want to know i'm doing a good job

    Any help and suggestions accepted.

    Ps, I have tried to read a lot of whats in this 'Newbie' forum, so I really hope i'm just not another stumbling newbie blabbing on about the same stuff all the XP Affiliates hate!

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    Are you sending traffic via an affiliate merchant program or with paid search or what?

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    You say you work within the company. Are you considered an affiliate, a content manager, a marketing specialist? Your role in this will determine which actions you should take.

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