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    Michigan enacting a new nexus law 10/1/15
    It appears that Michigan has passed a nexus tax law that affects affiliates. This goes into affect 10/1/15.

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    Thanks for posting this Cheryl. Things have been quiet on the nexus front, too quiet. Sorry to see this effecting Michigan affiliates.

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    I actually compile a monthly summary on what happened legislatively each month, which we include in the Affiliate Window Monthly Wrap-Up. I'm really concerned over what has been proposed in New York!

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    The Michigan law is absolutely horribly written and contains a convoluted and totally incorrect definition of what they call an "affiliated person":

    ĎAffiliated personí means either of the following: 1) any person that is a part of the same controlled group of corporations as the seller, or 2) any other person that, notwithstanding its form of organization, bears the same ownership relationship to the seller as a corporation that is a member of the same controlled group of corporations, as defined in Section 1563(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.
    IRC Sec 1562(a) can be found here, but believe me, you don't want to broil you brain by reading it - it is totally irrelevant to affiliate marketing.

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    Our definition of "affiliate" and the government's understanding of "affiliate" and "affiliation" haven't matched up forever, which I think is behind the interest in branding up "performance marketing" to help clarify some things for ignorant lawmakers.
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