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    For ready reference - Could we get a summarized list of who to contact for those clear-cut offenders [ overwriting code, etc.]
    • The FTC will investigate complaints if they meet certain criteria.
    • What about the Attorney General's office.
    • The FBI[/list]
      This isn't a board game and it isn't curious childs play as the media likes to portray it, hacking & the like.

      In my own opinion, and I'm not in the legal profession, but this sure sounds like basic fraud in many cases.

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    FTC: Complaint form

    Attorney General's office: Hit google and find the one in your state.

    Internet Fruad Complaint Center: IFCC

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    Thanks SandraR, could have used this in the past. One affiliate dishonest over a period of months; continual affiliate program manager-switch tactics (nobody new what the last one did, etc. etc. etc., false payment promises, finally they ended up declaring backruptcy)One of the most well known affiliate programs a couple yrs back

    Most merchants are okay of course, but if I have to use this, I'll have it.

    What many affiliates don't know is that if any business owes in excess of $10,000 to three or more parties, they are subject to US bankruptcy law. Something I learned along the way.

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