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    This Supreme Court Justice Wants You to Pay Your Online Sales Tax
    Here's an article that basically says online taxes will be inevitable at some

    "This Supreme Court Justice Wants You to Pay Your Online Sales Tax"
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    For Kennedy to be saying this now is beyond despicable and is totally disingenuous. The US Supreme Court had the chance to decide this and they rejected that chance. The first case to test the issue, the case filed in New York by Amazon and Overstock to attempt to overturn the very first affiliate nexus tax law passed by New York's state legislature, had resulted in New York's highest court upholding the law. Overstock submitted a petition for review of the New york court's decision to the US Supreme Court in June of 2013, and in December of 2013 the US Supreme Court REJECTED the petition. This left the NY decision intact as far as the NY nexus law was concerned but left other related issues in limbo and left the other 49 states to take whatever action or inaction they desired.

    Maybe this particular case was not the "Perfect" case to decide the full issue, but such a "Perfect" case on any key legal point seldom arises, and that never stopped the Court before when they had a consensus to create law. This very court composition has changed the course of the country in many such instances in the recent past, including with such notorious decisions as those in cases such as Citizens United and Hobby Lobby. Had the court accepted this Petition they could have decided this full issue a year ago.

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