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    Question Best practices for navigation structure and URL "design"
    Hi all,

    I am from Germany (that explains my poor English) and I am new to affiliate marketing.
    Right now, I am designing the concept of my first affiliate website and I am looking for your help :-)

    My idea is to "sell" a specific type of used luxury products (e.g. luxury baby dolls ;-) ) and redirect to products on eBay.

    My domain has the pattern "<keyword>".

    I identified three different types of primary pages:
    1. The product list (simple list of products - also known as the category page)
    2. The product detail page (detailed information about the product)
    3. The content page (a lot of textual and unique content)

    My first idea is to place the product list on the start page ( :
    |Product A|
    |Product B|
    |Product C|
    |Product ...|

    The product detail page has the following pattern:

    But what about the content pages? I would like to provide pages of information for the specific brands and also about common stuff about baby dolls. (the usual content for an affiliate website)

    Therefore my question is, which is the best navigation and URL structure for my type of an affiliate website?

    Any help would be appreciated :-)


    Regards from Germany

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    There is no *one way* of making web pages/sites.
    Your explanation sounds complicated to me.
    I would condense products/info per page.

    It is difficult to critique your idea(s) without seeing your site.
    If you want further critique on your ideas, start a thread in
    Forum: Site / Logo / Banner Review

    If you are looking for general ideas check out these links:
    "3 Tips for Better Product Descriptions on Websites" by Amy Schade (she works for the prestigious Nielsen Norman Group):
    Also read other articles she has written (she has an interesting Bio)

    You should also use the search (if it's working) and browse through the various sub-forms.
    You can start here:

    No one is going to answer your question with a personal A through Z tutorial.
    You have to read through the posts of ABW and connect the dots yourself.

    My posts are not all inclusive. You need to be proactive and search for ideas.
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    If you are interested in urls, Rand Fishkin has written an article on the topic:
    "15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs"
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