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    How to educate affiliates?

    My product has just been approved by Clickbank and I want to build an amazing resource center to make it dead easy for any affiliate ( lots of sources, 30 days plan, ...)
    I'm looking for some original ideas to educate new affiliate: do you provide educational videos, screenshots, how far do you go? Where did you got your information from? Is clickbank resource page enough?

    I want to make it as easy as "click and Paste".



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    Are you asking if the this forum offers free education information or if Clickbank offers free information?

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    No I'm asking how can I provide the best resource center for my affiliate, show them how to build a campaign, put links on there blog....all the simple steps...

    Do I have to go as far as making tutorials.? (I'm not sure myself how to do it


    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    Are you asking if the this forum offers free education information or if Clickbank offers free information?

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    That should already be covered for the affiliates. Your focus would be on teaching them about your product, how best to promote it, seasonality, best sellers, etc.
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    I'd set up a blog that includes how to information on various topics from navigating the interface, to picking up links, to working with most common reporting and most importantly, how to sell what you sell. Provide resources including sample marketing materials, copy, etc. as well.
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    I agree with JCrooks! Educating your affiliates on marketing is not worth the time and effort, focus on providing them with valuable info about your product. Any selling tips beyond that would be a nice addition but again you are better of with publishers who already know what they do.

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    However, don't discount the small affiliate especially if they are niche to your product. If they need a little help, I will visit their landing page with them and review where my product would fit best and how to promote it. Sometimes you find that diamond in a rough that others overlook.
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    I'm new here and to affiliate marketing but I suggest you create your affiliate tools page to be informative and have all the tools (banners, swipes) that they'll need to really support you and promote your product.

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