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Protect Your Information This Tax Season – Save 10% on LifeLock

Tax Season is Like Holiday Season for Identity Thieves
Save 10% and Get Identity Theft Protection In Minutes
In 2013, tax fraudsters stole nearly $5.2 billion in tax returns.* Plus, if your personal information, including Social Security number, was potentially stolen in the past year through one of 783 known data breaches in 2014, extra attention should be paid this tax season.** If your tax refund is stolen, YOU must resolve it with the taxing authority. With LifeLock, we help you resolve it.
Get industry-leading protection today:

  • Detects threats***
  • Alerted through patented LifeLock Identity Alert(r) system
  • Helps stop identity fraud before the damage can be done
  • If you become a victim, our Certified Recovery Agents are fully committed to helping you get back on track.
  • All backed by the LifeLock $1 Million Service Guarantee****

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* Identity Theft – Additional Actions Could Help IRS Combat the Large, Evolving Threat of Refund Fraud, GAO-14-633, United States Government Accountability Office Report to Congressional Requestors, August 2014.
** Identity Theft Resource Center, “Data Breach Reports,” page 29, Dec. 31, 2014
*** Network does not cover all transactions.
**** The benefits under the Service Guarantee are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by State National Insurance Company. Under the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to hire experts to help your recovery. As this is only a summary please see the actual policy for applicable terms and restrictions at
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