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    Unhappy Linkshare - How this really works?
    Hi guys!

    I'm a newbie here and in this area and I'm having a hard time to understand how Linkshare works.

    I had a previously the domain ... and I affiliate with a couple market programs on Linkshare in this domain I reach a couple impressions with ticketnetwork around 4000 in a couple months but I had only one sale! and this one was my husband who bought concert tickets from us

    The rest of this people seems nobody bought anything from my site! then I just give up on this domain.

    I have a website called ... and I apply for ticketnetwork again after been accepted in Nov/2014 I put a lot of banners in my website in the tickets page and I'm advertising on FB and again no sales at all. I'm reach over 800 impressions already.
    I do no if I'm doing something wrong, probably , I called in ticket network, e-mail asking if someone could help me to find out if I'm doing something wrong with my links, I advertising on in my facebook page ... and I follow the policies, but until now nobody can help me seems, I received a e-mail where the person responsible for the affiliates tells me the have no sales from my page and when I was advertising in Facebook group people are click in my page and asking question inbox, seems they're buying, and also is a little weird in 4000 people nobody buying 1 ticket?? I don't no what is happening but something is not right for sure.

    If you guys have some advice to give about this matter will be really appreciate.

    Thank you very much!
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    The number of impressions you've received is very small and it is almost impossible to reach any viable conclusions based on impressions. You can be receiving untargeted traffic that has no interest in what is offered in your banners, or targeted traffic for niches not related to the banners. A much better measure is the number of clicks you receive. Depending on the product, niche, particular merchant, and other factors, you should expect somewhere in the area of two, three, four, five sales per one hundred clicks, but this needs to be viewed over a sampling of hundreds, if not thousands, of clicks.

    I don't speak or read Portuguese so I cannot comment on your sites, other than to say that is was improper to post them here and I have removed the urls. Please read the rules. Also, why don't you post an Intro (about yourself, not your sites or your business) in the Intro sub-forum?

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    Hello Phill,

    Thank you for your explanation about impressions very helpful.

    About my sites, just to be clear, I do not need to use this area for marketing my websites and also like I said on my previously message the Be you imports(portuguese) is no longer my domain, for the other side wscturismo it is in english, only the domain it is em Portuguese, don't judge the book by the cover just kidding. I speak portuguese, spanish and english, my native language is Portuguese and I read the policies and I did not see it is no allowed post my websites in my messages, maybe I missed this part, sometimes is difficult to read long documents in a different language, I will read again and I apologize for the inconvenient.

    The item I follow for my post was 2) Members shall not include in their posts links to their own sites or blogs, with the exception that on occasion members may post such links to specific articles or images if they are necessary or helpful to the context of a post that has as its primary purpose beneficial information being conveyed to the community. Should a member be determined to have taken advantage of this exception and posted an excessive number of links to their own sites or blogs or if a member is deemed to have posed such links for the purpose of self promotion rather than for the purpose of providing information beneficial to the community, then such links may be removed by the Administrators and/or Moderators without notice and at their discretion. Links to a member's own sites or blogs may also be posted in accordance with the exceptions described in item 3, as follows.

    I post my site with the intention make my text complete about my questions, I think was necessary, but I understand now

    I will follow your lead about introduce my self, but I will talk about my business also because this is one of the reasons I'm here, I will do like to build a network in affiliate market industry and maybe find a private consulting to help me with my site, am I in the right place?

    Thank you again and have a great day!

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