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    Education in affiliate Marketing
    Hello guys!

    I'm looking for some type of formal education in affiliate marketing. I'm watching videos on line, but seems not be enough to learn. I have a couple questions I would love to ask but I would do like have a little privacy to ask those questions besides on the comments in those videos.

    Somebody here knows about classes I can take on line then I can learn about the industry??

    Thank you!!!

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    There is one correct answer to this question: James Martell's Boot Camp.

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    I'm waiting to hear the advice.

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    If you are currently promoting products, your affiliate manager is a great resource. This forum is another great resource but I understand your want for privacy. As mentioned above James Martell is an industry veteran with a wealth of information. Not sure where you live by either Affiliate Summits are a great place to learn and network. There is one coming in New York Sean Collins has a great blog called the affiliatetip. Subscribe to Feedfront. And honestly this just touches the surfae on the opportunities out there.
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    affiliate manager is a great feature.
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    OP i suggest you to read around your topic of interest and make sure you stick to just one method. Many of the times what i have seen is that affiliates try to learn many different methods but end up losing money. Say for example adwords is a traffic source you are interested in and you want to master it fully...make sure that you go through all the available training online and other blogs that teach you the basics as well as advanced strategies. Dont get distracted and seek out another PPC traffic source....master adwords first then you can move on to other traffic sources.

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