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    Best way to gain affiliates?
    Im new here and a beginner in affiliate marketing. I have been online selling for about 5 years and I put all of my info into a 134 page guide to online selling through ebay and amazon. Basically I am wondering what I need to do to gain and attract affiliates. I run my page through clickbank so they already have been giving me a 100-200 hops per day. But I am interested in gaining affiliates outside of clickbanks network. Any tips or guidance I should be aware of? I believe I posted this in the right place. If not I am sorry. Thanks

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    a) try listing your program in affiliate directories (many of them allow free listing or listing with reciprocal links).
    b) Social media: there are many affiliate marketing groups, most of them look pretty chaotic but it's worth giving a try.
    c) You could make an explanatory landing page (describing your program and its advantages) and run it through PPC. (That's Paid)
    d) Join more CPA networks in your niche.

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    Depends on your product offering. Joining websites like Clickbank or Plimus can be helpful, but you still have to be active.
    Additionally, you can even join affiliate forums and make some connections that way.

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