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    Best software to manage affiliate relationships with merchants
    Hi, my business involves promoting lots of gambling merchants, mainly sports betting and we work with many different networks and in-house affiliate programs. Some affiliate deals are the ones that anyone can get by joining straight up to the program and other we have to negotiate for, by email, phone and at conferences etc. Some of these deals are long lasting and some are short lived. Most of the merchants can be promoted via multiple networks.

    I need a way of recording things like:

    1. Which network I am curently using to promote a gambling merchant
    2. The deal (whether CPA, revenue share) including thresholds, tiers, etc
    3. New deals that we have identified and what stage we are currently at in negotiation
    4. Reasons why affiliate deals were lost
    5. The main contact at the affiliate network for a particular deal

    So really I need some sort of CRM. The obvious choices such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics and the plethora of cheap, smart cloud based CRMs are too geared up to traditional sales processes where a deal is Identified > Prospected > Negotiated and then ultimately Closed Won / Closed Lost.

    This doesn't really work for me because affiliate deals are open ended and would never be Closed Won.

    So what I need is a CRM or other sort of affiliate deal management software (preferable cloud based) that is geared up for affiliates where I have a list of merchants and a list of networks via which I can promote the merchant.

    My Google searches are less-than-fruitful. Can anyone make any suggestions or tell me what I should be searching for?

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    I don't know of any affiliate specific CRM solution, but I've found Batchbook to be affordable and flexible.
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    Not affiliate specific, but some of the older programs like ACT! are still good for management such as this.

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    I used ACT! on a PC through the 90's ans loved it. Believe they have a SaaS version or self hosted. Used SugarCRM for years which was free except for support. Now using Zoho for $20/month which they host and maintain.

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