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    Angry American Apparel Pausing Program
    Three months those of us who were members of the Tommy Hilfiger affiliate program got an email saying that from Dec 26 until February (I think) they were going to turn their commission rate down to zero and then bring it back. I didn't like it, but I thought if they wanted to do it as long as they told us what was happening it was OK. It's their program and if they want to suspend it for some time, that is the way it is. You had plenty of time to adjust and there was an explanation. Not great for affiliates but you could promote someone else immediately and then decide what to do when the program came back if you wanted to. Also since Tommy Hilfiger was a brand you could always send the traffic to Macys who had that brand.

    But today, I got the notice from cj that American Apparel was reducing their commission rate to zero. So I checked and the commission rate calls itself "(Pending) - Program Pause 3/25/2015 - $0" Then I looked back, there was no email explaining anything. This I think is the problem. You want to suspend your program for some time, give us an email explaining what is happening, why and more notice than just a week. It is the lack of explanation that bothers me. This actually happens way to often for me to be upset about it. I can't help if businesses don't understand how affiliate programs work, but despite that, businesses should know it's important to communicate.
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    Sorry about your loss.

    Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of crap going around.
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