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    KUDOS to the Facebook Ads Team!
    I've read a few negative comments about Facebook and how poorly they respond to inquiries and requests. Here is a recent example of just the opposite...

    Yay, Facebook Ads Team. I had to contact them about an ad (that was working nicely) and was auto-rejected (after running for a nearly two days) for having too much text. I sent in a "please reconsider" request because it was an image of a personal check and had no "added" text. I sent the request late this morning and realized I might have to wait a couple of days before receiving a response - if I received any at all.

    This is SUNDAY EVENING and I just received a response from a real person. Thank you Frank.

    It is nice that some people realize that many affiliates work on weekends.
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    So far i've had good success with Facebook ads. Glad they seem to be investing in the customer service end of things as well. Makes me more willing to continue using them -Joe

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