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    You can now register .sucks
    Listening to a news program talking about this. Big brands are not going to pay up wot $2500/year to block, Will be interesting what protest sites crop up it this TLD.

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    Big chunk of change for brand protection - sounds like another ICANN money grab...
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    Yikes! Doesn't really do much to thwart defamation or cyberbullying. Seems really strange after Kevin Bollaert's sentencing (the revenge-porn site operator). I mean, .sucks just encourages this kind of stuff!

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    yeah I can see all the elaborate practical jokes on friends already coming...

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    I've done some checking regarding political entities and those names with .sucks have been grabbed up.
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    First time I found out about the ".sucks" domains I laughed.

    Now it only makes me think about the 9gag-like possibilities lol

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