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    Amazon punches back on fake product reviews
    The e-commerce giant and marketplace operator sues website operators that sell fake product reviews. The sites add phony reviews gradually to avoid detection by Amazon, and advise retailer clients to ship empty boxes to the paid ‘reviewers’ to make it appear the review comes from a buyer, according to the Amazon suit.
    Amazon this week filed a civil lawsuit in King County Superior Court in Washington state, accusing Jay Gentile, a California “marketing specialist” who runs, along with the as-yet-unidentified person or people behind, BayReviews.Net and BuyReviewsnow.Com, according to the case filing. The suit seeks the shuttering of the sites and damages of up to $100,000 per domain name, plus other costs. The legal action may already have had an impact. The BuyAzonReviews and BayReviews.Net sites generate “404 Not Found” error messages today. The BuyAmazonReviews and BuyReviewsnow sites still were loading as of late Thursday morning.
    Full article here:

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    Thrilled to hear this. Now if only the FTC would also go after them... prison would be appropriate!

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    Not just the sites SELLING reviews, but ALL sites with BS reviews - even affiliate sites. Easy to spot, they usually end in .info...
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    Wow that's incredible. I'm amazed at how these people can start (and continue running) a 'successful' business based on standard that are just plan un-ethical. Glad Amazon is taking action.

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