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    Affiliate Marketing for Real Estate Leads
    Hello everyone,

    My first time posting on, I have some limited experience with Amazon affiliates, but have been trying to tackle a different field lately- real estate.

    I've setup a direct mail campaign (500 postcards) to property owners soliciting property management services. The offer is 1 free picture each year of their properties here in San Diego (owners live out of state), if they provide us their email (to receive their annual pictures). The idea is to use their emails for a newsletter, to stay in constant contact and provide useful information so when they do need a PM company, they will remember the company I'm advertising for.

    I'm doing this for a real estate office, and in the real estate industry it's common to get a commission for 1 or 2 months of the PM companies cut (typically $100-300 per property) for each lead you referred that turns into their customer.

    My question is: how would I track leads that turn into customers?

    I know I could only capture those persons email and property addresses, but the rest of the time the property owners would be talking to the PM company, so unless I was there I wouldn't know if they signed up my lead as a client. The only way I see it working is via the honor system, I was wondering if there was a better way to track this type of lead.

    Thank you for your help!

    - Eryk

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    Hello Eryk, not the normal first post, but welcome.

    Affiliate Marketing usually involves online tracking at one point during the transaction, so unless you have some sort of electronic access to their system, my guess would be yes, you are on the honor system.

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