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    Link Development and Google - Interesting Paradox
    I reached out to a website owner the other day who had a few mentions of websites in my niche. I told him that maybe he should mention my site because we were one of the leaders. His response was very interesting. He said he was thinking about deleting the "how to" page because it was a pain to keep the outbound links current and now that Google was so dominant that people didn't really need this information anymore.

    So, the paradox. Googles original algorithm was heavily dependent on analyzing link structure and calculating page ranks. Links still play a role in their ranking algorithm, but Google has negated the supposed "need" for creating links because searchers can just "Google It". Keeping in mind that this is a casual or hobby website owner who was trying to further their particular field of interest. I find the website owner's comment rather illuminating as I've know for some time that Google was killing the "casual web" and replacement it with big brands. It never occurred to me that casual website owners would feel that their efforts weren't really necessary any longer due to Google's ability to server up complete results for any search phrase. Kind of a chicken and egg type of problem though, isn't it?
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    Agreed, keeping track of what Google is doing is a job in itself.
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    True, that is why it is hard to believe in what google said sometimes.

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