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    Any tips for starting a new affiliate program
    So I just launched my website back at the end of February. We sell a stock trading educational course. So far pretty decent results, everyone's whos purchased our course has really loved it and actually learned. I decided I wanted to try and get our course out there and thought affiliate marketing would be an effective way. Some of the basics...our course goes for $199.99, we offer our affiliates a 25% commission per sale, we store cookies for 30 days. Are there any specific suggestions you have for how I can really build a good foundation for my program to help it build long term? I've been able to get 2 affiliates signed up in the past couple days, both of which were customers. What are some ways to reach out to individuals who are themselves affiliates, not just customers of our product? Thanks for the input! I'm a complete newbie at this so any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Tanner, I've given you access to the Affiliate Manager and OPM private forums. A lot of the questions you've been asking are better asked there,

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    Awesome, thanks!

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    Hey Phil,

    Would you be able to grant me access to those forums as well? I share some of the same questions as Tanner. Thanks!

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