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    Finding the right commission for affiliates
    Hi, I'm completely new to affiliate marketing and was looking for some input! My company just launched an affiliate program, and I was wondering if anyone had input on a commission rate that will be looked at as respectable by potential affiliates. Our product sells for a $199.99 one time fee, and we offer 25% commission per sale to affiliates. Too high? Too low? Would a tier system be more effective. Maybe have sales levels that reset each month. If they get past one level it goes up to 30%, etc. Any input would be appreciated! Also, If this question has already been addressed elsewhere I apologize, feel free to link me to it! Thanks!

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    Yep, its been asked frequently, and the advice is always the same: Rates vary by niche, so look at your competitors and see what they offer, then you can decide if you should try and do better to attract top affiliates in that niche.

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    Alright, thanks!

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    Depends completely on the marketplace - assess the competition and see if your percentage holds up. Keep in mind that payout itself isn't everything. You also need to factor in considerations like how well your site converts, how many refunds per month you process, etc. to come up with the most competitive offer.
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    Software can have commissions of 50% as there is no physical goods shipped. Clothing can be 4%, shoes also. Its all relative.

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