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    Need advice on which affiliate program to start with...
    Hey everybody, I'm a complete n00b to affiliate marketing, and really need some advice. I have a background in website design and graphic design, and I have an idea to market a specific type of health supplements. My question is this... what affiliate program should I choose? I was almost ready to join amazon, but then read commission junction is a bit better. Any help would be much appreciated.. I'm really clueless!

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    There is no reason not to join both, but you do need to understand the terminology. An "affiliate program" is a merchant's program to promote that merchant's products. It can be an in house program, which a small number of merchants prefer, and which is the Amazon model, or, more commonly, only available through an affiliate network, that handles all of the nitty gritty for the merchant. Commission Junction is an affiliate network, not a program. By becoming a member of CJ, you then would have access to close to 3,000 merchant programs, but each then has to be applied to individually. Other networks, such as Shareasale, Avantlink, Affiliate Window, Impact Radius, eBay Enterprise Network (not to be confused with the Ebay Partner Network, which is an in house program for promoting products listed on eBay) and Linkshare, also provide access to thousands more merchant programs.

    Most affiliate marketers will have joined a few hundred, and some several thousand, different merchant programs, through all of the listed networks, by the time they have been in the business for a few years.

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    Thanks for dropping the knowledge on me, Phil. Shows how much of a noob i truly am. Makes total sense to join both and implement them on one site... I have another program in mind that I'm not sure will accept my application but I will give it a go and see... Do I need to buy the url before I apply to Amazon and CJ?

    Thanks again.

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    They will both probably want to see an actual website for approval.

    It also helps to have actual email for the domain on your main website. Much more professional looking than a Yahoo, HotMail or Comcast email account. But when you get a domain you can "forward" an email address to whatever you currently use. It will appear to be a more professional setup. I do that with over a dozen domains - and they all go to one of my two main email accounts. That may not be necessary - but it is "one" of the things I look at when doing approvals for some of the programs with which I have been involved. YMMV

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