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    This in the mail:

    Hello,My name is Chris Howard, President of I just
    visited your website and I would like to invite you to join our growing
    affiliate network.Here are a few features:* Checks sent net 30 days.
    * Two-tier program paying 10% of referred affiliates' commissions.
    * Many stats reports - referral listings, referral earnings, global
    conversion stats, personal conversion stats, expired offers, and top pages
    generating clicks.
    We currently have over 12 offers and should be adding 5 more this week.
    Here are a few current offers:FNBM Credit Card - Paying $13.75/lead
    Pagoo - Paying $1.00/lead
    ebix auto/life/home/health insurance quotes - Paying $2.00/lead
    Free-CDSoftware - Paying $4.00/leadOmni Casino - Paying $38.00/sale
    If you would like to join, please visit
    If you have any questions, you can email me personally at:
    XXXX@affiliatestorm.comThank You,Chris
    President and XXXX@affiliatestorm.comph: 504.XXX.XXX
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    New York

    Since the decline of CPM (pay-per-impression) based advertising, the AffiliateStorm team has been planning and developing a next-generation advertising network to provide the best service possible for both advertisers and affiliates.

    Launched in September 2001, AffiliateStorm is a new up-and-coming affiliate advertising network operating just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.

    As the online advertising industry regains its strength, we are continuously working to help advertisers get the results they need as well as providing our affiliates with new and effective ways to increase their ad revenue.

    hmmmmmmm I know that name from some where ..


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    223 ?


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    I know Chris Howard, running back of Oakland Rider.

    Affiliate Storm.....hmm....I don't like it...I smell something fishy ... hehehehe....
    They don't register .com and .net and is registered individually, instead of thru a I guess it may be a one-man show.

    Just beware.

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    The link just redirects to the linkshare signup page. Sneaky.

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