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    Does anyone use a desktop publisher for mac like a live writer? I have 3 blogs I would like to manage from my desktop. I want to add amazon affiliate campaigns and share a sale campaigns. Does anyone have a tool that makes life easier when managing 3 niche blogs?

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    Not sure if I can help since I nver used Publisher specifically. However, the general principle is, to maintain original quality of a document in a DTP package, you do not just "Save" the document. Instead, you have to "Optimise" the document by choosing/setting the properties which you want the document to be saved with. This normally depends on the "weight" of the document. For example, you may choose to lower the general quality by saving under resolution lower than 256 colors, save as .gif, jpg, bmp, png etc. all these determine the quality of the doc wherever you will need to export it to. Also, some DTP packages do not "Save" but rather, "Export". So check how you can do this in your package.

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