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    Has anyone processed a transaction on their own website before ?

    I'm hoping you can help.

    I'm launching an affiliate marketing website later this year, and will be offering event tickets (concerts, theatre), Hotels, and restaurant bookings to my users. I'll be setting up affiliate deals with some of the big players (Expedia, Ticketmaster or similar etc).

    I want to give my members the best experience possible, so I need your advice on the best approach:

    Here are two options to consider:

    1) I develop my own open api platform, and plug in the feeds from the Hotel booking provider, ticket provider etc. Essentially I create a basket on my website and allow my customers to book all elements of their package on the same site. The benefits are obviously the ease of use and customer experience, plus I can apply intelligent marketing to their behaviours.

    Has anyone done similar ? hosted the transaction and payment on their own website ?

    The concern I have is card processing fees. If I have to pay for this, it'll wipe out most of the affiliate commissions ! What happens usually here ?

    or option 2

    2) I host a white label solution and the actual transaction is fulfilled by the provider. This would mean several transactions (one for hotels, one for tickets) for the user, so it's not ideal. I'd be comfortable with this providing there is a 'passback' from the booking provider to confirm to my website that the hotel booking has been made. My customers will want to see a record of all their bookings on my website.

    How can option 2 be done ? is it easy to get an api feed passed back to my website post-booking ?

    Thanks again


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    It's good that you're thinking about ways to improve the visitor's experience rather than merely trying to duplicate something which already exists. I can see having links to all of the merchants, but I can't see some of the merchants you mentioned permitting you to collect and remit payment. You would also face unbelievable security issues if you did that, including credit card processing. You can apply intelligent design concerning what is offered to your visitors, which could optimize your results. Whether or not you'll get the purchase information back will vary by merchant as well.

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    Thanks Jeannine, much appreciated.

    Surprisingly Expedia and some of the ticket providers do allow processing of the booking on the affiliate platform. This has many advantages for the user in terms of their experience, but as you say does come with security issues and headaches.

    Do you think option B is achievable and some
    of these providers could pass back the purchase information to our site ?

    I don't want a generic duplicate site, I want our site to make people's lives easier.

    Best wishes


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    No sure that they will passback booking info other than to show it in the affiliate network interface. Remember that you don't get commissioned until the hotel room is book on the property and that can take six months for those booking a conference or vacation. Realize that your commissions would be held for a long long time.

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