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    How to Blog - Articles and Tips from Wordpress Production
    Hey everyone,

    I figured I would post my articles and tips on Blogging, affiliate marketing and social in one thread. So up first is a post I created last week about the basics:

    What is a Blog now clearly this is not new info to a bunch of you. But hey everyone needs to start somewhere.


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    Quote Originally Posted by joy92 View Post
    If you want to build your career in 100 cashmere sweater blog posting you have to build you English language skill first. Then try to start writing article on different topic and your topic must be 100% unique women cashmere sweater. You can also check the quality by different software.
    The link you dropped, as indicated in red, has nothing to to with the topic. It is a blatant spam link-drop - and poorly written, at that.

    BTW - I removed the link in the quote and I'm sure a mod will be along to remove the link in your post. Hopefully you will also receive a "warning" about spamming the forum.
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    Mod has removed the link from that post, the ones dropped in other posts, and the member from the forum. Link dropping will not be tolerated.

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    the blog is the best place for fresh content where audiences get knowledge for related topics.

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