Just got my newest update to amazon.pl, and it is sweeeet. Robert, David has been great at updating within 24 hours. This new update puts Digital Windmill in a race. DM is free, but you have those ppc links up there grabbing your chosen keywords and serving up tasty links to someone else's profits before your amazon results. The new improved amazon.pl will cost you $40 ({spam}unless you win it in my new raffle for signing up for my newsletter{/spam}), but all the results are yours, and you can pull them with a script tag like DM.

Attached is amazon.pl v1.11.10. To use it, replace your existing amazon.pl
file with the one attached here (note: if you're not using an amazon.ini
configuration file, be sure to copy over your configuration parameters to
the new amazon.pl file).

This release includes new features and non-critical bug fixes. The two most
important new features are:

- NEW FEATURE: A new script parameter called "script" has been added. This
parameter permits the output to be embedded in any webpage (e.g.: your home
page) simply by using a SCRIPT tag.

- NEW FEATURE: A new script parameter called "iframe" has been added. This
parameter makes it easier to embed the output in any webpage (e.g.: your
home page) when using an IFRAME tag.

You should find that both of these new features will make it easier for you
to include amazon.pl output on more of your webpages. For a sample, take a
look at the "Bestselling Books" box on the amazon.pl home page at http://www.cusimano.com/scripts/amazon/

Full revision details are at http://www.cusimano.com/scripts/amazon/revisions.html

I also want to let you know about another script that was released just
today by my company. It is called linkg.pl. The goal of linkg.pl is to
provide you with an easy way to get listed on other people's websites by
creating a dynamic network of cross-linked websites. I've made it so that
you can sign up for this script for free. Full details are at http://www.linkgravity.com -- Take a look and I know that you will find it
useful to help boost traffic to your website. And I hope that you'll use it.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us.

Yours truly,

per: David Cusimano.

Cusimano.Com Corporation; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

info2001@cusimano.com tel: (416) 444-2913 http://www.cusimano.com fax: (416) 445-6696