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    Question How to Make Bank with Amazon Associates?
    I was wondering how some people are so successful with Amazon Associates? I read about how people are making serious money with the program but I'm not sure how they are doing it.

    Last year I did ok with Amazon. Earned about $750 which is good for passive income but not enough to live on. This quarter I had a 2.51% conversion rate and mainly do automotive products. Some of is obviously people just clicking the links and buying random stuff.

    I guess I'm wondering what I need to do to pull in better traffic, more clicks, and more conversions for Amazon?

    I'd be happy to hear any advice, tips, suggestions that people have.

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    In a word: traffic. Specifically, pre-qualified traffic ready to buy. It's a numbers game because of their ridiculously short cookie duration.

    It takes forever to really start doing anything substantial on amazon. At least a year or more. I am not 100% sure why that is, perhaps other people here might be able to shed some light on that, but it just takes bloody ages. The biggest problem is that 24 hour cookie, it's just brutal! However, once things get rolling you can see some pretty insane conversion rates -- much, much higher than 2.51%.

    Think in terms of what amazon would need from your readers to help the conversions along. What can you do on your end to get these people over to amazon ready to buy right now? They're doing loads of conversion optimization on their never stops for them. They're testing every pixel that shows up on the screen. So, you have to do your part to "pre-sell" and make sure that the traffic you send to them is warm. Don't send them cold traffic...send them warm traffic and amazon WILL capture that sale.

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