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    PPC direct linking

    Question. Direct linking a PPC ad to an affiliate SAS link, if not outlawed in the merchant terms, requires using the merchant's URL as the display URL. Otherwise, Google Adwords will disallow the ad. So when bidding for trademarked terms, ie, the merchants name or web address, that refers to keywords specifically, not display URL. Am I correct? It feels weird running an ad that looks as if it was put there by the merchant...

    Background: I was running a Google Adwords campaign to promote a couple of merchants on SAS, when a Google representative suggested I try direct linking the ads straight to the merchant rather than through my landing page. I duly checked with the merchants' pages and saw that they either expressly allow direct linking from PPC, or make no mention of it at all. It seems all merchants do not allow bidding on their trademarked terms for keywords. Makes sense. I assume, therefore, that direct linking a PPC campaign for these programs is OK, and the need to use their URL as the display URL is not a problem. I only can't bid for their name as a keyword, but URL is OK, because there's no other way to do it. Google requires that the display URL and the final URL be on the same domain.

    Also, to do that, and have the sale tracked by SAS, I figured out that I must add the SAS link as a tracking URL. I'm guessing I did it right, because the ads ran and the clicks registered on SAS. Is that indeed the only way to do it?

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    I think the best way for your website is to direct Google Adwords campaigns to a landing page of your domain and then put a ShareASale’s link to your merchant’s website. Otherwise, you'll have discrepancies between the destination URL, final URL and visible URL. Directing Google Adwords clicks to your landing page also helps to rank your website in organic searches. But if your SAS account is actually registering the clicks it might be working fine the way you did it.

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