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    How do you deal with Seasonality?
    So summer is almost here, school's almost out, and traffic for some can get much lower. Seasonality is something that affects nearly every merchant program and affiliate site alike. What are your favorite strategies to maintain sales volume when traffic decreases due to seasonality?

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    Okay, I'll start. Most of the merchants I manage know what sells best during the summer. We'll share some of this info with affiliates via emails, but if you want more info or a wider range of products, reach out to the affiliate manager or OPM and ask what's best to promote in the upcoming months. Sometimes you'd never guess what the hot products are - I know I've been surprised more than once! Those products are a good reason for a blog post, category feature, or perhaps inclusion in an email. The merchants most likely have years of data, so take advantage of it for sure!

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    I spend this time focusing on recruiting more affiliates into the program. Good comment about asking what sells best this time of year.

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