Hi, newbie here!

I have signed up for the Amazon.com's affiliate program, but I have some confusion as to what tax policies should I follow? It's asking me to sign up for an IRS form that I don't know if it's applicable or not, and at the same time, if it didn't give me a GST/HST form, how would I report my taxes from the commissions I have made from Amazon US? Would I have to pay US taxes as well as Canadian taxes?

Would I report the commissions I earn from US companies as income? How would I file a GST/HST for this?

I have Googled for hours and didn't find a conclusive answer. The posts and responses I get from inquiries online have been vague and differs in opinions, and googling led me here too . I hope there's someone that can help me. I can't wait to start my part-time career as an affiliate!!!