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    As a publisher, what more do you want from your affiliate program manger?
    Not every affiliate program is perfect, and there is no way to appease everyone and make yourself some money.

    I am curious what the greatest concerns and challenges affiliates have working with an affiliate program manager. How can the relationship and process be made better for all parties involved?

    I am about to launch my program with offers, and want to make it as appealing to affiliates as possible.

    Help me now so I can help you later!

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    This is NOT an intro post and does not belong in the Intro sub forum. Thus I am moving the thread to a more appropriate place

    Please take a look at the intro guidelines and this thread, and then do a proper intro.

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    Hello Refer Me. This question has been asked and answered so many times. So here's the best help I can recommend - spend a lot of time looking through the forum. You'll see countless examples of what affiliates like and don't like. Just asking a question like this will get you the same old basic answers, but not the deep points to consider when setting up a program. Searching through past threads on here will help you take your program from good to great, but it will take an investment of time to learn the finer points.

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